Gravity Test Handling Systems

Microtec offers a wide variation of customizable gravity handlers. The focus of our systems is based on the approach to provide 1 system for many different applications. By pursuing continuous improvements and setting the objective to provide our customers the most convincing test handlers, we are always driven to push our products and its features to the limits and exceed traditional boundaries.

Docking Solutions & Applications

Microtec docking and interfacing products are available for our handling systems or 3rd party handlers. Individual docking requirements can be adapted to our dockings.

Pick & Place Applications - Tray Handling

Our new product line – Pick & Place Handling Systems – More news will be provided shortly

Microhandling Product Support

We are providing support regarding any Microhandling Handhabungsgeräte product.

Manipulator Related Services

Manipulators are used in the semiconductor market to precisly lift, rotate and position loads (mainly testheads). There are several solutions in the market, ranging from counter-balance types to spindle driven technics. Working with the base technologies and patents of former Microhandling Handhabungsgeräte GmbH, we own the know-how and history to provide manipulators to lift more than 1 metric ton over a wafer prober or testhandler.

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